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How to have a URL Shortener Running On Your Website Easily

Long URL’s can be annoying and very difficult to remember and some URL’s can be very important but very long so having a shortener gets this very small but important job done. Today I’ll be guiding you on how to install a Free URL Shortener script installed and running on your website.


  • Website Hosting
  • PHP Support
  • File Read & Write Permission On The Server


  • No Database Like MySQL Required At All.
  • Search Engine Optimized For High Rankings.
  • Uses Bootswatch Themes which makes it responsive on devices.
  • The theme can be customized by entering your favorite Bootswatch Theme URL.
  • Link Length & Letters can be changed.
  • Has a very simple installing procedure.
  • Extremely User-Friendly.
  • And Much More.

Get Started:

  1. Download The Latest Stable Version Of “Shortify URL Shortener” from GitHub by Clicking Here.
    Install Latest Version
  2. UnZip the Zip file on your website’s folder you will like to install this script into.
    Extract The FIles
  3. Now Visit Your Website by entering the domain of your website and if you installed it in another folder, enter the folder name after the “/”. After entering your domain, enter setup.php (
    Visit setup.php
  4. Now Enter In All The Required Details and Click “Save Settings”.
    Setup Shortify
  5. Now Delete The setup.php file from the folder you installed the script in so no one else can change anything on the server via that file.
    Delete setup.php
  6. You are done, test out the script by visiting your website and if you have any bugs or issues, comment down below.
    Shortify Working

Hope you liked the guide, comment down below what easy script should I make and I’ll surely love to make it.

How to have a URL Shortener Running On Your Website Easily
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