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Snap is now selling Spectacles online for $129

If you purchased one of those glasses on Ebay for hundreds of dollars. You might feel a bit ripped off as Snap Inc is now selling the Spectacles online for $129. Before this, the video recording glasses were only available at vending machines called Snapbots in select cities. Anyone in the US can now purchase one right off their website .

What are Snap Spectacles?

The glasses integrate with the big social media app, Snapchat. Offering a “POV” video style. And letting you share your daily stories without having to take your phone out. Whatever you record gets sent to the Snapchat app, where you can later decide on what to post to your story. The glasses are available in three colors, coral, teal and black. And comes with a charging cable & case in the box. Those accessories can be bought separately for $50 & $10, respectively.

Ordered glasses are expected to take 2-4 weeks to ship. Snap Inc filed for IPO a couple weeks back. Meaning they’re interested in earning revenue as both a hardware and software company. And with the device available for purchase in the US, there’s no doubt that Snap Inc will sell many of them.

We’ll keep you updated.

Snap is now selling Spectacles online for $129
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