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How to choose the right Web Hosting Service

Having a good web hosting service in this huge competition is really important. You don’t want your website to go offline when a lot of people come over to check your services, read your articles, etc. So how do you choose a correct web host then? Below are a few points which would help you know what you should check before purchasing a hosting service.

  1. Think About The Growth & Traffic: Is your website going to get a lot of traffic when you go live? Are there going to be a lot of people ordering services from your website? Well if you are going to have a lot of traffic then you have to have enough bandwidth limit, you don’t want your site to be offline just because your bandwidth limit is over right?
  2. What’s going to be your website’s framework?: Are you going to be using WordPress or NodeBB? You have to see if your host supports those software and languages which those CMS’s run on before purchasing services from them.
  3. Knowing What Kind Of Hosting Services You Can Get: There are 3 types of hosting services out there, Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting & Dedicated Server Hosting. You have to know your needs before you purchase either of them.
  4. Does The Host Provide Good Support?: Before you purchase any services from your host, you have to check their reviews and ratings on the internet so you know they are stable and provide good support if you ever need help or have issues with the service.
  5. Check The Storage Your Are Going To Need: Are you hosting just a simple static website who’s not going to use much storage or you are making a place where people can submit videos, etc.? You need to see if the service you are purchasing has enough storage for your needs, for most companies you can raise a ticket and upgrade your storage but it’s better to check your needs beforehand.
  6. Pricing Matters: You need to see if any other company is offering you the same services or even more at the same cost or maybe you are buying it very cheap but the company is not trustful at all and can shut down without any notice because they weren’t making any profit at all.

Now all those points were for people who already have a basic knowledge about hosting but if you are just starting out with your first ever website, you would probably not know what you need so the best thing to go with is Shared Hosting. It provides enough storage, bandwidth limit & support to get started on this journey.

There are many cheap shared hosts out there but you should always choose a trustful brand and not any random company who’s offering everything Unlimited for a cent as you can get scammed easily. For this you should read reviews online, check ratings on different websites, etc.

Hope I was able to help you out on choosing what you want to buy as your hosting service.

How to choose the right Web Hosting Service
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