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Dell XPS 27 7760 All-in-One Review

Dell XPS 27 7760 All-in-One Review

Dell XPS 27 7760 All-in-One Review
Dell XPS 27 7760 All-in-One Review 7.6 10 1 Dell XPS 27 7760 All-in-One Review

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Whether the Dell XPS 27 is for you or not, depends on your usage scenario. If you however fit in to that specific scenario. You won't find a better machine anywhere else. With its beautiful, vibrant 4K touch display, beefy speakers, sleek look and capable specifications, it's one hell of an All-in-One computer.


  • Beautiful & crispy display
  • Incredible keyboard included
  • Great port selection
  • Punchy speakers


  • Bad webcam placement with mediocre quality
  • Horrible included mouse
  • Speakers could have more bass
  • Hard to reach back ports

All-in-One computers haven’t been heavily marketed or hyped about over the last few years with the exception of Apple’s iMac, of course. The Dell XPS 27 is another one of those, perhaps a little more talked about. It debuted at CES 2017 back in February of this year, with positive reactions for (mainly) the beautiful 4K display and crazy speaker system. Pair that with a quad core i7 CPU (last gen though) 16 gigabytes of RAM (up to 64GB), Radeon M485X graphics and a blazing fast M.2 NVMe SSD and you’ve got yourself a what looks to be like a capable machine. If it is one for you though, depends on your usage situation.

Dell XPS 27 Design

Design & Ports

All of that hardware is housed inside of a gorgeous all aluminium chassis. It’s more of a dark finish (which I like) rather than the classic iMac light finish. It overall feels like a very sturdy build. The stand is for example one of the sturdiest I’ve ever come across. This makes the experience of using it as a touch device a lot better. You wouldn’t want it wobbling around while illustrating or whatever it is you do on a touch display anyways (drag stuff across the screen for giggles) Most of that sturdiness you feel however, is because it’s a very heavy machine. It feels like they literally made the stand heavier for this sole purpose – whatever works right? (Oh and I had troubles moving it alone) 

You’ll find a shiny glass panel covering the entire front of the device. It sure looks good – for the first 20 seconds. It attracts fingerprints like a U Ultra. Behind that greasy piece of glass you’ll find the beautiful 4K IPS touch display – more on that later. You probably already knew or noticed this but I’ll say it anyway – the bezels are thin. Dell calls it an Infinity Display (that’s right, Samsung stole Dells naming) They’ve used the term for most recently launched XPS machines. It gives their devices a smaller actual footprint with the same or bigger screen size than its competitors. Now, obviously you won’t notice or care about that in a 27 inch desktop though. It’s mostly an XPS laptop thing.

Dell XPS speakers

Just below that are six symmetrically placed speakers. Now, you might think, wow that’s a lot! Did I mention there are four more below? Oh I didn’t? Well anyway, there are 10 speakers on this thing. We’ll obviously touch on speaker quality a little further down the article. There’s a webcam and iris scanner on it as well. The webcam is of mediocre quality – and the placement doesn’t help with that in anyway either. The Iris scanner didn’t work on our review unit, it wasn’t recognised by Windows. I did some research however and found out that it allegedly works with great precision and speed. So that’s good.

Dell XPS 27 Ports

The port situation is – in terms of just the port selection, really good. You’ll find a Type A (full size) USB port on the right side. On the left is a full size SD card reader and a headphone jack. The back’s got a selection of 4 Type A USB ports, 2 Type C USB Thunderbolt 3 ports, ethernet jack, HDMI out and DisplayPort out. I’ve gotta emphasise on what ‘out’ means on those video ports.  It means it’s only an output port. There are no inputs on this device. Making it dull in 3-5 years. I would have loved for Dell to put at least an HDMI in port so you can use the beautiful display with another desktop when the time comes.

The port situation is – in terms of accessing the ports though, horrendous. They’re all hidden behind the thick aluminium stand, making it a frustration every time you try plugging something in.

Dell XPS 27 Display


Let’s cut to the chase and get to that beautiful display. It’s got a 4K resolution, that being 3840×2160. The panel is an IPS one which gives it vibrant colours. Contrast could be a little better though, it’s also got quite a lot of back light bleed. In terms of colour accuracy. It got a fantastic sRGB score of 187%, the 5K iMac got a 130% score. In other tests like Adobe colours it didn’t fair as good. So if you plan on using it as your professional photo, graphics and video editing machine, you should calibrate it. From a normal consumers view though. The display is amazing – you’ll love it.

The stand can fold to make the screen go completely flat. It looks a lot like the Surface studio – but much thicker.

Dell XPS 27 Speakers


You’re probably very excited to hear about those speakers, I was too. They make it a really big deal by shoving 6 speakers up your face with very distinctive grills. It’s not that big of a deal though. Now, don’t get me wrong. They sound great. But they could be better. They’re really lacking some bass to make it that much beefier and massive. When it comes to clarity and detail in the sound though, these are really good. They’re loud too. And I mean really loud.

Dell XPS 27 Keyboard/Mouse


Let’s get the mouse out of the way – it’s plastic, feels bad in the hand, has a wobbly design and just sucks.

The keyboard on the other hand, is a whole other story. It’s got an aluminium cover in the same colour as the device itself. The clicks have just the right amount of clickyness and resistance to them from a non-mechanical keyboard. The layout is also great, it’s got a full num-pad and dedicated media control keys – fantastic job from Dell on this (I’d buy one)

Dell XPS 27 Performance


Performance wise, the XPS 27 isn’t a beast, but that’s not to say it’s a slouch either. Under the hood is a quad core i7 6700 with 16 gigabytes of RAM and a Radeon M485X GPU. It faired a Cinebench CPU score of 813 and a GPU score of 105 FPS. That’s enough for 1080p video editing and even some 4K. Just make sure to put the preview window at 1080p to not stutter and jitter while editing the timeline.

Can it game? Yes, while definitely not at 4K. You’ll be able to play easy to run games at 1080p with decent FPS’s. CS:GO got a nice and playable FPS of 105 FPS. Stepping it up a bit with Rocket League, we saw 75 fps on high settings. In Overwatch we saw a decent average FPS of 58.

In terms of noise and cooling. The XPS 27 is very quiet and barely noticeable, even while gaming and rendering. Cooling isn’t anything I or you will care too much about. But I’m glad to say that Dell engineered a cooling system with a good enough balance between noise and temperature. I never had the CPU or GPU throttle.

Dell XPS 27 options


So, you want one? Well which one should you get? I’d go for the $2000 dollar option. It gives you the highest end 1st grade components like CPU, GPU and Screen. You can change the HDD and RAM in the future if you feel like you need more.

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Dell XPS 27 7760 All-in-One Review
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