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Trick your brain into tasting flavors that aren’t there

This cup, literally called “The Right Cup” is a cup developed in New York. The cup tricks your brain into thinking you’re drinking flavored water when in fact, it’s just plain water. Now, yes that is weird, very hard to understand and let alone believe. Below, you’ll find the campaign promotional video.

So how does this work? According to the video, “The Right Cup” makes water taste flavored by stimulating two senses, taste and smell. On the cup edge there is a layer of aroma in the flavor of your choice. The cup also smells like the taste, effectively tricking your brain into thinking the water has taste, when it’s just plain old tasteless water.

The Right Cup

Whether this works or not is yet to be tested by reviewers. We’ve gotten in touch with the makers behind “The Right Cup” to get a unit sent out to us. We’ll update the website with whatever comes out of the test.

If you want to learn more about the cup and maybe support the campaign, click this link.

Trick your brain into tasting flavors that aren’t there
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