ASUS Prime X370 Pro AM4 Motherboard Review

This review is from a consumers perspective.

As AMD released their first 3 SKUs of Zen based CPUs (1700, 1700X, 1800X), motherboards designed to support those chips appeared quickly. I immediately reached out to ASUS for a build project featuring the new AMD R7 1700. Build video to come. There have been many reports of issues regarding DDR4 RAM compatibility and BIOS:es not supporting Ryzen out of the box. While I didn’t get any CPU issues, I couldn’t get my Crucial RAM to run at its 2666Mhz clock speed. Instead, it runs at 2400Mhz. I tried upping the clock speed in the BIOS but I couldn’t boot the computer after the change and had to reset the CMOS (BIOS) to get the system to boot. More on the issues further down the article. Build specifications below.

  • Corsair 460X RGB Case
  • Corsair RM750X PSU
  • Seagate Barracuda PRO 10TB HDD
  • Samsung 860 Evo 250GB M.2 SSD
  • AMD Ryzen R7 1700 with stock cooler
  • ASUS Strix GTX 1070
  • ASUS Prime X370 Pro
  • Crucial Ballistix Tactial 2x8GB 2666Mhz RAM

You’ll find the motherboard’s specifications here

As this is a motherboard, there are no performance numbers to take a look at. And as this is an ASUS motherboard, we know that it’s reliable. As per these facts, I decided to keep this review short and focus on the good to know things. For a more in-depth review, look elsewhere.

The motherboard has a neutral black and white colour combination making it fit for most builds. In my opinion, it looks really good in my system, it would look even better with some custom sleeved white PSU cables. I’ve got a kit of those on order, which is why the current cable management situation isn’t perfected.

The I/O shield is surprisingly a plain silver one. I thought motherboard manufacturers had stopped doing that. I even had a black and red one in my 3 year old i7 4770K system featuring the Gigabyte Z97-X Gaming 3.

In terms of SATA Cables, you get 4 in the box, which should be plenty. Most of us will only use two, if even that with M.2 drives quickly becoming a standard.

Issue wise, there were RAM compatibility issues though those quickly got fixed with a BIOS update. You can update your BIOS by following this link. Speaking of BIOS, the one found in this motherboard is easy to use, clean and provides some useful information such as temperatures and fan speeds. It’s also very easy to change fan & water pump speed curves.

Another miscellaneous feature is Aura Sync, the board can pair up with your RGB compatible components to control them all as one unit. I do this with the RGB audio lane, my Strix 1070 and my Wraith Spire stock cooler from AMD.

The motherboard has most of the features found on current gen Intel boards. Some of those are DDR4, PCIe Gen 3, M.2 PCIe  & NVMe and RGB (LOL)

ASUS Prime X370 Pro AM4 Motherboard Review

ASUS Prime X370 Pro AM4 Motherboard Review
ASUS Prime X370 Pro AM4 Motherboard Review 8.5 10 1 ASUS Prime X370 Pro AM4 Motherboard Review

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If you're in the market for a neutral looking AM4 motherboard to use with your new Ryzen CPU. This motherboard has a great balance between price and features. It has got most of the features you'd want. You can run SLI, Crossfire, M.2 SSD's, USB3.1 and up to 64GB's of ECC RAM. With its X370 Chipset you've got the freedom to overclock your CPU down the line as well. If I were to purchase and build my own Ryzen system, this would be the motherboard powering it.


  • Color combination that works in most builds
  • Support for most current gen technologies
  • Great & easy to use UEFI (BIOS)
  • SLI & Crossfire support with High bandwidth SLI bridge in the box
  • Great balance between price and value


  • RGB in audio lane only
  • RAM support issues (fixed with BIOS update)
ASUS Prime X370 Pro AM4 Motherboard Review
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